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Take a Bahamas sailing vacation on Stray Cat III, a 45-foot Privilege catamaran sailboat under the command of Capt. Mark Pomerenke. Her main cruising grounds are the beautiful shimmering waters of the Bahamas and the Florida Keys. If you’re interested in a sailing vacation, catamaran sailing, sailing in general, or just want to witness the lifestyle of a cruising sailor, this site will hopefully whet your appetite to learn more.

A vacation adventure aboard Stray Cat in the beautiful waters of the Bahamas will be an unforgettable memory aboard a true sailor’s blue water yacht with one of the most experienced and trusted charter Captains in all of the Bahamas.  Aboard Stray Cat, you will truly ‘sail away from it all’ and be able to enjoy the opportunity to relax, unwind, and let someone else do all the worrying! 

When you’re feeling adventurous, you can enjoy the exhilarating sailing, hunt for treasures on the beach, hike centuries old trails to historic ruins, go for a refreshing swim in crystal clear water, snorkel the gorgeous coral reefs, explore epic underwater caves, troll for blue water sport-fish, take the kayaks out for a spin, or take the dinghy ashore to meet the locals. If you’re more into the serene, then immerse yourself in a good book, sunbathe in the forward trampolines, enjoy some great music with a nice cocktail, take a peaceful nap in the shade, or set up camp on a deserted white sand beach.

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